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Audio Engineering Principles 
While it’s easy to get sucked into the abyss known as audio recording gear that goes through your wallet faster than an ex-wife, a big part of the concept is to NOT focus on the gear, but focus on improving the tactics and skill of the person using the gear. No clueless person has ever made a great record no matter how awesome the gear. It takes an enormous understanding of the fundamentals of engineering, music, and even a little pyschology to put a great recording together. This category will discuss audio engineering principles. ( Audio Engineering Principles ) << ( Klik )
{ Fokus pada peningkatan taktik dan keterampilan orang yang menggunakan gear. Dibutuhkan pemahaman besar tentang dasar-dasar teknik, musik, dan bahkan psikologi sedikit untuk menempatkan rekaman bersama-sama. Kategori ini akan membahas prinsip-prinsip teknik audio }

Audio Interface
This category discusses audio interfaces and soundcards. (Same thing). For the beginnner, the audio interface is the most important component. The Audio interface acts as the hub of the studio where all audio passes through it in the recording process.
{ Kategori ini membahas audio interface dan soundcardUntuk pemulaaudio interface komponen yang paling pentingAudio interface bertindak sebagai hub di mana semua audio melewati itu dalam proses rekaman } 

Hal yang perlu diketahui dan pemahaman atas kebutuhan tentang ; ( Klik )
1. Audio Transformer and Application Schematics
2. Line Output Transformer
3. Mic Input Transformer
4. Direct Box Transformer
5. Audio Isolator

Hal yang perlu diketahui dan pemahaman serta menemukan dan menghilangkan ground loops ; ( Klik )
1. Ground loops in Audio Systems
2. Ground loops or problems and how to get rid of them
3. Testing for ground loop problem
4. Grounding System in the Ham Shack   
5. Grounding and Shielding Audio Devices
6. Ground Problems
7. Grounding Systems in the Ham Shack - Paradigms - Facts and Fallacies 

Pemahaman mengenai Audio Hi Fi eSSB ; ( Klik )
Reference :

1. Developments Hi Fi SSB Audio
2. eSSB Hi Fi Audio
3. Amateur Radio Experimenter
4. Audio Modification for eSSB

eSSB History ; ( Klik )

Old History
While the term “eSSB” is a relatively new term used to describe the extended nature of higher fidelity single sideband (coined January of 2003 by NU9N), the experimentation with high fidelity single sideband is not so new. Amateur radio operators have been experimenting with good single sideband audio, in one way or another, ever since single sideband was developed.

However, fairly recent changes in technology, with the introduction of “Digital Signal Processing” (DSP) and better I.F. filter schemes, have made high-fidelity SSB much more widely available. Therefore, it is the last few generations of amateur radio technology and the operators who have taken advantage of it, that will be covered here regarding eSSB history.