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I do not know where I begin to convey what I've done as a amateur radio. It's known, I'm not used to writing especially related to personal experience and of course I had to do it so it would be meaningless to others. Sometimes something that not a lot of interesting and would not be a concern even just too lazy to be seen let alone read. Anyway lets get relishing, so generally.

When I held the advance class as a amateur radio with YF7XND there it began a long journey ahead with a variety of challenges, problems and ups and downs because I was in a place that is not easy to get what I need to develop this hobby . For example, I may want to make an antenna that radiates at 15 meters but the material can get from where ??
Bontang where I was not the one like the other cities available material aluminum or coax cable or connector or wire to make the antenna too. It was around the 1985's, no nothing. It took long enough to make all the ingredients antenna by going to Samarinda or Balikpapan. Ground transportation to the two cities that did not exist, except by plane to Balikpapan or by sea towards to Samarinda. So, I think it's better looking simple ingredients that wire and I'm a personal friend who worked in the factory workshop that I was given wire, finally I get.
But it's not finished yet, how about insulators, balun, coax cable, connectors and other ???
Short story,,, I have a 15-meter antenna wire and began DXing.

While still using a dipole antenna with barefoot but with good propagation can still qsoing to foreign countries. I also did not understand at the time whether the frequency of 15 meters can always be used worldwide communications. Circumstances that started at 4 pm until 12 pm daily from 1995 until mid-1997 so it was fun at 15 meter band. Maybe if it is not because it is tied to the routine work in the office, time management can get on air until morning. This can only be done if the next day I was not working.

As time goes on the growth state of Bontang getting better because it is easier to get the need to assemble the antenna, such as aluminum tubing etc. So I started trying to switch to make the x-beam antenna. With x-beam I feel better at 15 meter band and the antenna is almost 1 year used DXing. Gradually begin to appear wish to try Yagi. Finally I bought a copy of The ARRL Antenna Book 17th edition of The ARRL Antenna Compendium and included software. I began collecting material to make a Yagi antenna using the software so what is produced from the best calculation software that I made a full size 3 element Yagi for 15 meter band. Not unexpectedly with the new antenna I increased appetite for more frequent on-air. So no more QSL cards I received. Yes really fun.

Then, there was a time coming boredom so almost 7 years do not hold the microphone. When it appeared again for QSO ing around 2003 there is something that attracts attention in SSB particularly related to Audio. Different from that ever I knew and heard before modulation emitted how could such and what tools are used to it ?  Try to find out, can eventually a lot of information related to audio processing from friends out there. This is the beginning of the audio processing in SSB. I am very grateful to all the friends out there are a lot to give information on how and what we need to make hi fi modulation.From 2004 until now I do not like to use a standard microphone but already with some audio processing equipment. All references related to audio processing I attach to LINK from this website can be seen at the upper right. You just need to click the LINK will appear feedback. Click again Feedback then that's where all references eSSB Hi Fi Mod.

I got the first license in 1992 and for 23 years worked with the phone in 80-10 m but mostly in 40-20-15-10m. Since 2004 until 2015 more frequently in the 40m with eSSB but sometimes also in 20m. Starting February 2016 trying to digital mode JT-65 and JT-9 depending on the propagation anywhere. 
Call me if you hear me in freq.

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